Behind the scenes

2019 Windfest Organizers & Volunteers

Windfest is a grassroots event that showcases the best Vancouver Island has to offer. A 100% volunteer run event, every year wouldn’t be possible without the dedicated crew of organizers and volunteers. From keeping you safe as you get rad on the water to making sure you’ve got the best tunes to send your dancing pants into the night, your Windfest 2019 crew is here to make sure this summer is our best event yet.

2018 Windfest Organizers & Volunteers


If ZZ top and Juliann from trailer park boys had a baby Brendan would be it. Seemingly unaware there are dozens of kilometres of lake out there, Brendan, aka Golden Rule, aka B, circles the area in front of the launch like a shark, allowing no one else to enter or exit the water or make any attempt at impressing their friends. The primary voice of Windfest until the voice is gone you’ll find B is one of the most stoked kiters on the water and surprisingly a pretty nice guy, akin to a furry muppet with a kite obsession. With us from the beginning, he’s one of the people Windfest would fall apart without. A great dad and an average kiter, we’re #thankful he’s dropped the hash tags.


Known best for his use of a minimalist high speed technical racing suit to clock in ultra-fast times during the Windfest course races, you might also catch him still in race mode later on at the apres party. Though his passion lies in wave kiting, you might find him strapping on some boots and trying some bro-style around Nitinaht. A Windfest organizer for many years now, you won’t want to miss his pre-race stretching routine.


A member of the Ditidaht Nation, you have to be extra nice to Pat while you visit Windfest on his peoples’ traditional territory. Don’t worry though, Pat is the nicest of the organizers, but he’s not as soft as the TP he is sure to stock the complaint department with. If you try to skip on your camp fees, don’t think you’ll escape him on the water, he’s a long time kiter and is a qualified kite instructor to boot.


Despite our repeated abuse Ana keeps coming back. Now the official Safety Quarterback, we are 67% confident she’ll turn on the serious if shit goes down. We can’t believe/don’t want to believe she’s related to Tony. Don’t let her jovial attitude towards swimming fool you. She’ll be downing a beer while you’re about to drown.


The business end of the windfest operation, Luke was once known to have 204 sharpie drawings tattooed on his face while balancing a one thousand beer can pyramid. Known for his eccentric Windfest weekend hats, you’ll probably find Luke walking back from the end of the lake after an epic drift without a wettie or passed out behind a generator.


Like a warm cup of hot cocoa on a cold day, Todd is the best friend you didn’t know you already had. After last years absence and a year on the mend Todd has returned to the Windfest fold ready to spend hours manning the complaint department or answering endless tech related questions by that guy who can’t decide if he should buy that new used 2008 Waiman 12m for $150. Ask Todd for a beer or a hug you know he has plenty of, because #toddcares.


Closely related to the giant tortoise, the extremely cute Pygmy tortoise, also known as Ned, moves at a glacial pace. This is commonly referred to as “moving at Mach Ned”. Yet somehow in an unlikely juxtaposition of character Ned, is able to shed his heavy shell and send huge airs and generally throw down on the water. Like your grandma, our Ned goes to bed early and wakes up late. You’ll find him in his van sleeping, trying to drink a craft beer by osmosis in the living room, or hucking splats on the lake.


A chaperone to the unchaperoneable, Heather has an unenviable task. New to the group we expect her to pick MY side in our countless squabbles. Early signs point to Heather being more capable than we gave her (or anyone) credit for. She’s raised two men we all have crushes on. This is the first time we’ve had a normal person on our team. Let’s see how far we can stretch this out.